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Could you write a Drabble about that pie covered John being found by a vore loving giantess? Please?

(( …You do know that this blog is still on hiatus, right? I’m not even sure why I received that John anon in the first place. ))

m!a john: a pie creams your face out of nowhere! ha ha ha, april fools!

Unfortunately for the John in question, his pie would soon hit that one barrier known as “the No M!A rule” (a.k.a. no magic anons allowed under any circumstances), protecting her fully from the desert-based assault. Furthermore, it would hit one of the many barriers Aradia had been toying with during her very-long absence from her blog, which she had made for the specific purposes of preventing a certain spidertroll from even thinking about paying her a visit while she focused on matters of either carnal or critical nature (after all, though her online activities have taken a long pause, her life has not). Said barrier would return any ultimately-harmless “surprises” from sources which she has not willingly allowed into her life onto their senders a hundred fold.

This, of course, means that the trickster god of the wind would soon find himself having to shower as a hundred pies slammed against his entire being (thankfully soft enough to be harmless). Right now he should be hoping that there aren’t any vore-loving individuals near his vicinity.

All the while, the ramtroll would continue her activities for the night. Was she exploring the Other Realm to follow up on a highly-important lead she had found that would reveal not only the reason why her Vriska and Tavros returned to life during the game in the first place, but also many answers to questions and theories she had developed during this time (as well as the mysteries said answers bring up alongside them)? Was she merely winding down with the kind of kinky activities that would warrant a not-safe-for-work tag here were they even mentioned (one macro-focused scenario currently written in an unmentioned pastebin account over yonder)?

Dudes and dudettes, I am not telling - just let her enjoy the extended break in peace while the mun returns to trying to save his sorry ass from [DATA EXPUNGED FOR REASONS INVOLVING IRL PROBLEMS].

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Are you accepting M!As?

(( Nope. Also this blog is returning to hiatus mode now so there’s that. :V ))


Yea)( I figured! 38P But anywaves, it’s just nice to talk to you again and know you’re doing okay still, so I don’t mind t)(e wait t)(ere, efin if it’ll be aw)(ile, as long as you’re still doing good! And it’s a good t)(ing I’m following t)(at blog too t)(en, because I still am reely finterested about w)(at’s been keeping you so busy!!

And )(u)(, so I guess once you’re god-tier oar just stronger oar w)(atever you don’t reely need stuff for t)(em anymore? I wonder w)(ere t)(at leaves me t)(en! Because yea)(, I don’t )(ave all t)(e practice you and everyone else probubbly got from your timeline, so I wonder if I can just sorta use t)(em rig)(t away! I mean I don’t efin know w)(at to do reely betides just t)(ink about t)(em I guess??

Maybe I’ll just need to try to practice it a bunc)( before I can reely start to use t)(em, but it s)(ould be finteresting to figure out! And w)(ale, once I get t)(em figured out, I’m dolp)(inately going to )(ave a little fun wit)( t)(em before t)(ey’re gone, so I guess you’ll probubbly want to watc)( t)(en, if ever 38)

Rig)(t, yea)( I guess t)(at would probubbly be a lot more of an important c)(ange t)(an just me finally getting somefin different to wear, too! Getting to finally naut be dead oar in a robot must )(ave felt amazing!!

im guessing you c0uld use them though it would be a bit harder to figure out

itll come to you eventually though im sure! practice definitely helps though id try it on something you dont need to worry about as much first (like fish or vriska)

and yeah it felt great! though i imagine a change of clothes after only wearing a swimsuit most of the time would feel great as well



i think its time for me to disappear again

i kinda promised scarlet a cake from this new bakery that opened a couple weeks ago and shes chirruping next to my ear as i type

and tapping the back of my head with one of her wings

and pushing her breasts on my face while kneeling on my shoulder as a means of getting attention

i think i may have spoiled her too much



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)(i Aradia!

I wanna ask w)(y you’re asleep, but t)(ere’s probably ot)(er ways t)(at your different.

Wait do you mean asleep as in D-EAD?

And you’re now stuck in t)(e dream bubbles. D8E

no its just a reference to the early days here when i suffered from crippling exhaustion

thats all in the past though (over a year ago in fact)


ive been following various blogs whenever i had the time to show up but ive been so busy that i havent been able to reply to their greetings (including the one from your timelines vriska about a month or two back)

im talking to a friend right now though and i was actually able to catch yours so



O)(, I sea!! I don’t blame you for wanting to avoid some of t)(e drama t)(at goes on )(ere, I’m always reely glad I never seem to be following any of t)(e alternates t)(at get into some of t)(e CRAZY stuff I )(ear aboat.

T)(at is quite a blog t)(oug)( 380

…Anywaves, can’t wait to sea you back )(ere more again t)(en!! And I’d go a)(ead and ask you aboat w)(at you’ve been getting up to but somefin tells me you’re probubbly naut going to say muc)( until you )(ave t)(e time to write out t)(at w)(ole t)(ing! So I’ll just enjoy getting to talk to you again and know t)(at you’re at least still doing w)(ale enoug)( still to talk to me. 38)

But w)(oa, okay I didn’t know t)(at I got suc)( crazy powers from t)(at game!! I wonder if t)(ere’s anyfin else it lets me do, too…

T)(oug)( now t)(at I t)(ink aboat it, I’m naut efin s)(ore )(ow I actually use t)(at, oar any powers I get from t)(is! I )(ave no idea if t)(ey’re similar at all, but do you do anyfin special to use your time stuff? I feel like I at least )(ave to try using using t)(ese powers once w)(ile I’m acts)(oally like t)(is.

And yea)(, t)(ese dolp)(inately could make any trips on to land a lot easier for me, since I don’t )(ave to watc)( w)(ere I’m going as muc)(! I may just )(ave to )(ave some fun wit)( it too, now t)(at you put t)(at idea in my )(ead 38P

)(aving some ot)(er clot)(es is great too, but t)(at’s sorta somefin specific to me, so I doubt you enjoyed t)(e w)(ole clot)(es part of t)(is as muc)( as I )(ave, )(e)(e! T)(ey even seem to be pretty waterproof, w)(ic)( is great!!

yeah theres so much information for me to reveal that hinting it would make me such a tease

which granted is something im known for doing but only when i want to get hilarious reactions from certain people

ill be making those posts in the research blog but that wont happen for quite a while

now that you mention it

when we were playing that game our powers manifested themselves in various ways

they were hard to use without special items (like my old music boxes for example) but they allowed us to get used to how they worked before we ascended to god tier and got full control over them

and after that they were second nature (i can stop time or leave the timeline as easily as walking and breathing nowadays)

dont know how different it would be to just jump in with them (especially since you never played the game) but that should be quite the experiment

and in fact i may just keep the viewport open for the sake of eavesdropping on any sort of shenanigans you might indulge in with them 0u~

as for enjoying the clothes bit

well in my case i had spent a good part of a sweep as a ghost and another part as a bot so it was less enjoying the clothes and more enjoying being alive

i mean the bot was able to simulate a lot of stuff accurately but it wasnt nearly the same (neither as a whole nor in the more tmi aspects)

so it was a different kind of enjoyment


excuse me while i pause my secret updating of the porn blog to ask but // what and how

)(ey Aradia!!! 38D

And I just )(ad a magic anon turn me into a god-tier yesterday, apparently it’ll last a week oar so! I still don’t reely know a lot of w)(at it did reely, like I know you )(ave all sorts of crazy time stuff but I’m naut acts)(oally s)(ore if I can do anyfin since I didn’t play t)(at game, but getting to fly around is reely fun!

…I didn’t know you )(ad a secret porn blog, eit)(er! Is t)(at w)(ere you vanis)( to so often? 38P


no its just the only thing i have time to check in on nowadays

most of my dashboard was drama for a long time so i just started ignoring this site outside of the usual getting off (and the occasional reply whenever i catch something)

so the porn blog is the only thing thats been active (if only occasionally)

ill probably return to blogging once im free enough to write a massive update on whats been happening offline (and there is a l0t to cover) but for now im only going to reawaken this little blog to chat with you for a bit before disappearing once again

but anyway

im guessing if you achieved (temporary) god tier courtesy of an anon that you can most certainly use your powers as a result

which in your case means being able to bring dead people back to life

if it were me id probably abuse it greatly but then again im a huge pervert with a destruction fetish so thats a given

but for you i could see it as a massive convenience (in case you accidentally kill someone you didnt want to kill or you want to kill someone but only temporarily) 

and yeah

flying is awesome

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we interrupt my still not yet quite done hiatus of this blog for this little thing i found while browsing my dash
carry on

we interrupt my still not yet quite done hiatus of this blog for this little thing i found while browsing my dash

carry on

(( Quick reminder to people that this blog is in hiatus. Though I do plan on returning soon said plans keep being postponed courtesy of me being ridiculously slow with artwork. 

Added reminder that if I follow through here it’s either because A. I wish to RP with you (or read logs) in the future, or B. my personal’s a side blog and I kinda have to follow through this one. 

Speaking of: Currently quite active in the personal/art blog (audiophilekitsune). Artwork is VERY NSFW (a lot of the time), though, so unless you’re a fan of that I suggest adjusting your saviors and blacklists before following (if you choose to do so). ))


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k0nnichiwa little lamb it appears y0uve strayed int0 my plane 0f existence

there are 0thers ar0und here s0mewhere th0ugh i never speak t0 them except f0r the little cat tr0ll and the 0ther y0u 0n 0ccati0n

g0 taizai 0 0 tan0shimi kudasai anata n0 h0kantekina sh0kushu p0run0 0 wasurete wa ikenai! 0u~

im just following some blogs for when i return to blogging here at full force

been so busy offline that i barely have time to do what i usually do here

we will speak again in the future once i actually return im sure

also thanks for the compliment there!

id reply in east alternian but im way too rusty with it (i can read it but thats it)

To basically everybody I rp with



It Is Good To See You Again Dear


im not even logging in here much lately

how can you see me again when i dont even post much?

sumiumoxide replied to your post: (( Casual reminder for re…

It’s ok I follow for the rp anyways

(( I know. It’s just the usual “artist I followed follows back the RP blog and I’m semi-panicking ‘cause I have no idea if they know what they’re getting into so I’m making a general announcement” post.

Some like the RPs and stuff, sure, but it pays to make sure since I can’t exactly use the personal for communication purposes. ))